English: 1A and 1B

Step 2: Revision (numbers and this, that, these and those): Additional tasks (online exercises) https://www.schlaukopf.de/grundschule/klasse4/englisch/numbers.htm https://www.schlaukopf.de/realschule/klasse5/englisch/thisthat.htm https://www.cafe-lingua.de/uebungen-englisch/uebung-1-demonstrativpronomen.php Step 3: Revision (shopping dialogue and prices) Homework 2: Watch the video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7BCS9l3Awc )and answer the questions below (Copy the questions and write your answers into your exercise book): What time do Carolina and Julia meet atOkumaya devam edin “English: 1A and 1B”